iGEM International Genetically Engineered Machines

Team Members

Core Faculty Advisors

Drew Endy, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering. A leader in synthetic biology, Professor Endy engineers standardized molecular components, devices, and parts. A member of the Board of Trustees for BioBrick, he co-founded the not-for-profit organization that encourages the development and responsible use of technologies based on BioBrick™ standard DNA parts that encode basic biological functions.

Christina Smolke, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering. Professor Smolke dissects complex gene regulatory networks and develops sophisticated gene expression technologies by using the bioactive properties of RNA. By engineering RNA and other bioactive molecules, she turns them into modular functional technology platforms for applications in metabolic engineering and circuit design. These platforms also have medical applications as effective therapies and treatments for cancer.


Faculty Advisory Board

Lawrence Steinman, Professor, Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Pediatrics and Genetics.

Charles Yanofsky, Emeritus (Active) Professor, Biology.

W. James Nelson, Professor, Biology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology.


Graduate/Postdoctoral Advisors

Graham Anderson, Chemical and Systems Biology Operations.

Ryan Bloom, Bioengineering.

Jerome Bonnet, Bioengineering.

Andy Chang, Chemistry.

Annie Hazlehurst, Business School Affiliate.

Ying Lei, Bioengineering.

Isis Trenchard, Bioengineering.

Christopher VanLang, Chemical Engineering.

Rayka Yokoo, Genetics.

Bo Zhou, Developmental Biology.


2010 Undergraduates

Gregory Owen, Class of 2011, Crystal Springs High School. His past research experience includes working in Stuart Kim's lab, where he studied C. elegans as a model system for aging.

Laura O'Brien, High School Teacher, Biotechnology and Forensic Science, Castro Valley High School. Laura has a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry from Santa Clara University, where she studied effects of oxidized hemoglobin on erythrocyte membranes. Laura has also done work mapping familial prostate cancer and DNA methylation at Norris Cancer Center.

Alejandro Virrueta, Class of 2012, Biology and Physics (minor). For the past two years, he has been working in Ronald Levy's lab in the Stanford Department of Oncology, developing and testing vaccines against B-cell lymphomas.

Christopher Brunson, Class of 2012, Chemical Engineering. His current interests include automated/self-guided cancer solutions, genetically engineered drugs, and reprogramming molecular pathways (metabolic engineering). He is presently working in the Teruel lab on fat cell differentiation, and has worked on hydrogels as viable matrices for neuronal regeneration. .

Anusuya Ramasubramanian, Executive Director, Class of 2011, Biomechanical Engineering. Anusuya is interested in exploring the role of human-engineered nanomaterials in biological systems. From 2006-2009, she worked in Jeffrey T. Glass' lab at Duke University's Pratt School. Since 2010, Anusuya has been working in the Yang Lab, studying how "turning on" and "turning off" target genes through DNA and siRNA delivery can enhance osteogenesis. Anusuya was also a member of the award-winning 2009 Stanford iGEM Team.

Karina Padilla, Class of 2012, Materials Science and Engineering. Karina is interested in the medical application aspects of biosensors. As a member of the team, she has been working on constructing the digital biosensor system. Outside of iGEM, Karina serves on the board of Ballet Folklorico, a dance group on Stanford's campus.

Francisco Cai, Class of 2010, Computer Science. Francisco is interested in exploring new ways in which computer science can be applied to various fields in biology. He has worked on investigating the connection between T-cell populations in lymph nodes and breast cancer. On the Stanford iGEM team, Francisco has been working on constructing the digital biosensor system. Outside of iGEM, Francisco has served as a section leader for CS106A.



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